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Custom Slideshows

Custom SlideshowsSlideshows have a myriad of applications, from those treasured family memories of weddings, reunions, holidays, birthdays to other special events and occasions. We can capture those special moments for the viewing pleasure of your friends and family.

Slideshows can be invaluable in many other ways, take for instance the business meeting. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this is particularly true in business presentations. There is nothing more boring than listening to somebody rabbit on for ages on a single subject. A slideshow may not fully replace key information but it will certainly enhance and compliment the overall presentation. It will save time on copious amounts of data that would otherwise have to be expressed verbally.

Conveying knowledge, presenting art, displaying archaeological artifacts via the medium of the slideshow has been used by art galleries, museums, civic organisations as the preferred method of presenting specific material and information to the public.

We can produce a professional slideshow for you that will do a lot more than simply show your photos. Combined with what you supply to us we can add captions, narrations, atmospheric music, special effects and more. Contact us for more details.

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